Custom Print Pricing for original works.

Subjects 8″ by 10″11″ by 14″14″ by 17″
1 Child$325$475$750
2 Children$425$650$1100
1 Teen/Adult$350$500$820
2 Adults$450$675$1125
1 Pet $350$500$800
2 Pets$425$675$1125
Combination (Background Scenery)$550$850$1300

Please contact Janet for details or to clarify the price of your project. To get started on a custom original work, please send your photo or image to

Detailed instructions for original works ordering

A) Locate a photo or group of photos of your desired subject matter. If there are any changes to be made from the photo(s), make a brief note describing them. (Example: If you have a portrait photo that you like, except for the hair, send a second photo with acceptable hair, and I will mesh the desired attributes of both photos.)

B) Mail or email your photographs, cover letter, and 50% of the portrait cost to me. The remaining 50% is paid after I mail you your finished portrait. Payments can be made using e-transfers to, or with Canadian or American personal cheques, payable to Janet Thorpe. Orders from outside of North America, must be paid with bank drafts in Canadian dollars.

C) All work is done on 110 lb. acid-free white paper. The image’s copyright is included in the price of the original work.

D) Your photos are returned to you with the finished portrait. Work will be completed within two-four weeks, upon my acquisition of your photo(s).

Mural Pricing $10-30 per square foot, inquire for details.

To see some of Janet’s past murals please click this link to her Mural Gallery

Limited Prints

Limited prints $75 dollars each, please check the gallery and contact Janet for availability. Some prints are only made as limited number prints.

Each Gallery has a variety of prints that were produced with limited numbers including the original, and copied prints which were never sold numbered.

Canvas Prints

Canvas prints are also a dazzling way to share and enjoy this art and they are becoming increasingly popular.

If you find something you love, like, want or want to gift, contact Janet for pricing and availability.

Copied Prints

Copied prints are $40 for 8″ by 10″ & $50 for 11″ by 14″