Angels Promo

There once was 3 little angels,

One day Janet was sitting at home thinking about how see could reach more people to help with her many healing arts. Then a series of angels showed up, and offered to help Janet find more people to help. It was decided these little angels would entice people to find them while simultaneously spreading word to the community about the many ways Janet can help serve people.

So now the angels are going throughout the community and this website attracting to them those most in need of Janet.

Find 3 Angels and Save

Throughout this website is 3 angels hidden amongst the content of the pages.

If you can correctly find all 3, you save $40 off any art project for $300 or more, or $15 dollars off any treatment valued at $65 or more. This is one time per person.

Please do not share your answers, that would be no fun, also of course, the angels on this page and the home page do not count. Additional terms or conditions may apply.

To check your answers, please email, message or use the form on the contact page.

Are you going to find the angels? Good Luck and have fun.

Thank you for your interest in this angels promo