Comprehensive Massage

Comprehensive Massage – 1 hour $115, – 1.5 hours $160

Janet is a trained specialist in a few different body healing treatments, so this service was designed to encompass all of that. Including Reiki, Chakra, Reflexology, essential oils and more as desired. Having this treatment will allow you to feel restored to wellness most people don’t get very often.

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Janet’s treatment space.


The comprehensive massages performed by Janet are first done by talking with the client about what they want or think they need, followed by a body scan. This scan is done through the practice of reiki with Janet’s hands moving along your body, well above the body. After this Janet has received enough information to make a personal blend of essential oils (just for you). First she will bring them to your face and ask you to breath them in deeply. Then she will start the massage, while utilising many elements of her many healing modalities you will find your self in a state of healing bliss.


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Getting into those deeper knots of the back

Janet has found a love of healing people throughout her life and so it only came natural for her to combine the best of her many treatments. This practice came to be based on the request of clients, first it was can you do this and that, now it’s can you do this, that and the other thing. The demand was so high and consistent that Janet had no other option then to start offering this service to the public. Now everyone has the opportunity to try aromatherapy, reiki, reflexology and other elements of Janet’s healing modalities all at once.

Questions and answers

I noticed you have a 1 hour and 1.5 hour treatment for the comprehensive massage, why is that?

Well originally this treatment was created with as much as I could fit into an hour, but now that I have done so many comprehensive massages, it’s about trying to complete an entire routine of healing using more than one modality. As most of my treatments last an hour, when I try to fit two routines into one, stuff gets shorted or skipped in the routine, hence why 1.5 hours is a better option for all this treatment can entail.

Is the comprehensive massage personal to my needs?

Yes the treatment is geared to your needs and preferences.