Chakra Balancing

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Chakra balancing is the process of restoring a harmonious flow of energy across your chakra system. When your chakras are balanced, you will feel relaxed, centered, grounded, energised, and aware.

Chakra’s for those that do not know are a system of energy centres that move up from the base of the spine all the way to the top of your head. The core understanding is there are 7 major energy centres and each of them represents an aspect of your overall health and wellness. If even one becomes under or over active it could spell trouble for your wellness. Think of the chakras like wheels of your car, but instead of having one pedal. You have 7, it would be very difficult to make sure all the wheels were moving at the same speed; likewise this is our challenge as chakra conscious people. However balance can be found, restored and fortified. This is an essential component of a healthy being.

7 Chakras Explained and Instructions on how to Balance

Janet has learned and been using energy healing for over 30 years and a fundamental cornerstone of this process is the understanding of Chakras. Within this understanding are how they work, where they are located, how to test them and how to correct them. By introducing the proper vibration through light, sound, reiki or other methods, alignment can be restored offering harmonized health. Janet has not found any formal qualifications for this precise art, outside of being a 3rd degree Reiki Master. With hundreds of sessions that started from self healing, then treating family and friends outwards. Janet is an experienced energy healer and Chakra balance healer. She also had read many books on the subject over the last three decades and she would be happy to recommend some reading for someone looking to learn more.

Energy work is all about frequency and resonance, so for instinct there is an interconnected harmony from a musical note, to a colour and other forms of expression. What this helps explains is the interconnected-ness of all things and the need to address problems at the source.

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6 of commonly observed chakra points in the body.
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If you could see someones energy flow, it may appear something like this.

Question and Answer

Is there any good way to help people feel and know if they would benefit from this treatment?

The most ideal candidates to benefit from this practice are those who are experiencing anxiety or a feeling of being out of balance. Especially when the source of those troubles seems beyond one’s self, this is another sure sign that your energy body may be out of sorts, and important to note any disharmony in our energetic body can lead to disharmony in our physical or conscious body.

Do most people live with their chakras out of balance?

In modern times yes, most people will get out of balance and without the tools to rebalance themselves they simply add more burden to compensate, so instead of just having a little imbalance, we end up with a large imbalance.

What kind of changes might I experience as a result of chakra balancing?

People who have had their Chakra’s balanced experience a feeling of physical tiredness immediately after the treatment, however the following day most people experience the sensation of balance through a new alignment offering them joyful peace within themselves.

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