MARI- Mandala Assessment Research Instrument

MARI- Mandala Assessment Research Instrument – 1 Hour $85

Mandala Assessment Research Instrument is a fun mind discovery practice where an individual learns more about their mental state through fun visual exercises.

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Mandala Assessment Research Instrument – The most creative and exciting psychological test to date

The MARI is a comprehensive system that uses symbols, known as mandalas, to reveal the inner truth and reality of the subject as it is –not what the ego filters of consciousness would want it to be, but what it really is.


The Mandala Assessment Research Instrument is a transpersonal form of art therapy developed based on the notion of wholeness. A holistic integration of non-verbal psychology with the use of imagery, colours and developmental stages. In the use of traditional therapy, we are only able to access the thinking mind, speech and feelings. This assessment uses the four functions of consciousness, including intuition and sensing. The drawn mandala is able bring light to the personal and collective consciousness. Depending on the connection of yourself and your ego. This Assessment can integrate the whole brain, revealing incongruencies. Increasing opportunity for emphasis on immediate shifts in awareness. Can further allow clients to access intuitive guidance, assisting in reaching full potential and enlightenment for personal growth.


The assessment begins by Janet asking to complete a drawing of a mandala with 24 or more colours. Once this is completed, there will be 39 symbols out of a deck of cards that will be asked to be drawn. Six symbols the client is attracted to. One symbol the client is least attracted to. Then asked a specific issue presently that would like to dealt with. Seven cards are placed on a field, along with the 13 developmental stages each individual goes through in life. Lastly asked to choose a colour that corresponds with each one. This represents the different levels of consciousness. A literal representation of psyche through imagery is then revealed.

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Questions and Answers

Is MARI Accurate?
The assessment is done in the present. The mood of the client at the present time can affect results. Due to this reason, the validity of the assessment has been a controversial topic for decades amongst therapists.

What are the Benefits of MARI?

This comprehensive assessment in turn also gives light to the here and now. A fantastic way to utilise conscious building. Can give insight to underlying addiction issues quicker than most psychological assessments. Overall, the ability to install harmony to the mind and body.