Indie Head Massage

Indie Head Massage – 45 Minutes $75

Indie Head Massages can help to improve your overall sense of well being, which in turn may also help to lower raised blood pressure and relieve anxiety. Relaxing the muscles in the neck, shoulders, head, and back and alleviating tension in these areas, helps to reduce pain and improves joint mobility. This practice can combined elements of reflexology, Reiki and aromatherapy.


Since training formally to do Indie Head Massages years ago Janet has utilised this modality in conjunction with her many other healing practices to provide this healing service to her many clients. Through countless treatments Janet is confident in the value of the practice for helping clients with a variety of aliments and symptoms. Pointing to the sensitivity of the head, ears, and neck all as wonderful places for the influence, absorption and distribution of essential oils in conjunction with massage.

Head massages include ear massages, and neck massages

While getting a Indie head Massage the neck, shoulders and the ears are massaged as well. The head, and ear being a reflexology map of the body, just like the foot can leave you feeling completely relaxed from head to toe. This also provides energy healing throughout the internal organs and the rest of the body. Likewise with the top of the spin, the head is a major centre for activity throughout the body. So this massage really can heal the body far beyond reducing headaches, and busyness in the head.

Questions and answers

What to Expect:

Each treatment is 45 minutes in length and will involve a massage of your shoulders, neck, face and scalp while lying on your back. The treatment includes the addition of warmed oil to your entire scalp to nourish and moisturise your hair. Your hair will get oily so bring a hat or hair tie for the trip home!

Is this treatment good for headaches?


The combination of brisk friction movements to stimulate and refresh, and circular petrissage movements to soothe and relieve neck and scalp tension, make Indian Head Massage an effective treatment for headache sufferers. With regular treatments, the frequency and intensity of stress-related headaches can be reduced significantly, as the massage releases tension and promotes relaxation.

Can Indie Head massage stimulate hair growth?

Indian Head Massage can help by stimulating the blood flow to the follicles to loosen the area up, which in turn delivers the nourishing nutrients needed to encourage healthy hair growth and to promote strong healthy hair.

Try at Home

Because preforming a massage on ones own head and neck are hard to access, this try at home requires a partner. Let’s suggest you find someone to try this treatment on, and they can then do it on you too.